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Contact Lenses and Solutions
Our range of contact lenses that you change daily
Our range of contact lenses that you change fortnightly
Our range of contact lenses that you change monthly
Our range of bifocal contact lenses
Our range of toric soft contact lenses
Our range of novelty and fun contact lenses
Our range of contact lens solution
Our Designer Glasses Range
Our range of designer glasses
Our range of special spectacle lenses
Our range of accessories
Our range of sun glasses
Our range of sunglasses
Our range of Oakley sunglasses

Information about this web site

At Contact Lenses Today we are well aware that some people may be concerned about giving their credit card details via the internet, so that's why we trade using only the highest levels of credit card security over a secure network. All details are confidential while input on the internet and are then sent to us using most secure data encryption software (PGP). To ensure a high level of security, customers' credit card details are protected using an encryption algorithm. In plain English, this means that the credit card details are scrambled. Once scrambled credit card details are protected from unscrupulous parties. Once notified that an order has been taken, the encrypted order details are downloaded, unscrambled and processed via a PDQ machine. This means that all data input on our site is coded and can only be decoded by ourselves. Our hosting solution provides 128-bit encryption security. The industry standard 40-bit encryption is the recommended minimum for other hosts.

You can tell that the pages you are using are secure, because the address of the page in the address bar will change from being http:// to https://. Depending on which web browser you use you will also see a locked padlock symbol or a gold key appear in the bottom bar of your browser.

As an extra security measure, your credit card details will not be retained on our servers for longer than is necessary for us to process your order. This is why you must re-enter your card details each time you purchase anything from the site. If your still not sure about ordering online other ordering options are available. Please see the ordering section for details.

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