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Fortnightly Lenses

This type of disposable contact lens is worn for just two weeks before disposal. In our practice we find many patients prefer this type of wearing schedule. A simple cleaning system is used for disinfecting lenses. Products often recommended by Opticians are: Allergan Complete, Alcon Opti 1 or Opti-free, Bausch & Lomb Renu or Renu Multiplus, and Ciba Vision Solocare soft. All of these products are available from us. If your lens design is not listed below it doesn't mean that we are unable to supply it. Please telephone us for details. For Acuvue 2 weekly bifocal & 2 weekly toric see the bifocal & toric sections.

Johnson Johnson Acuvue 2
Minimum Supply: 3 months
Price: £35.00
minimum supply
Price: £35.00
minimum supply

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